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Chiropractic Treatment of Scoliosis

Do you suspect a case of scoliosis and need evaluation by a healthcare professional? As chiropractors we have expertise in treating scoliosis conditions. Ormond’s Family Chiropractic Center is available to help with this disorder, which is typically associated with a side-to-side curvature of the spine. Wondering what to look for to determine if it may be scoliosis? If the body is looked at from behind, a normal spine is straight without much curvature from one side to the other.

Although bracing is the most common form of treatment for scoliosis, many other therapies have been used successfully such as specialized exercise, electric stimulation of spinal muscles, nutritional programs, and chiropractic treatments. As with many disorders, the most effective results are usually sustained with a multi-faceted approach. Scoliosis has no simple resolution. Before seeking the standard brace therapy or surgery for more serious cases, have a consultation with your chiropractor to get on track.

Idiopathic (“no known cause”) scoliosis is the most prevalent form of this disorder with about 85 percent of cases falling under this category. It is observed in the mild or low curve magnitudes with equal prevalence in boys and girls, and often runs inmore likely to have the curvature of the spine increase in size and require treatment. It is important that adolescents are checked for scoliosis since this is the most common time for the disorder to appear. Fortunately, ninety percent of the time the scoliosis is mild and does not require active treatment. Contact your Ormond Beach chiropractors for more information.